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The fans are choosing sides in the conflict that’s already gotten ugly.

In a move that caught us completely by surprise (but in hindsight, we should’ve seen coming from a mile away), the December 29th episode of General Hospital gave us Michael facing off against Scotty and socking the smug lawyer right in the jaw. It was the punch heard ’round the world as the increasingly hot-headed Corinthos heir went after the man who forced “Mike” and Nina’s Nixon Falls affair to light — and likely imploded Sonny and Carly’s marriage in the process!

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And when one fan tweeted her shock at the swing, Chad Duell made it clear that he was just fine with his character’s response.

“Had it coming,” he tweeted with a shrug.

Good to know he backs up Michael’s actions! Duell wasn’t the only one here for his character’s rage, though. The fans too had plenty to say.

“Totally,” Marybl agreed. “Love seeing Michael taking charge and protecting his family.”

“It’s about time the GH writers gave Michael his old-school vengeful spine back that Jason and Sonny tried so hard to suppress,” Cheryl Melton added. She did, at least, give Scott some props for his courtroom work! It’s too often that we forget that this Baldwin is an amazingly good lawyer with decades of experience. And Scotty accomplished exactly what he set out to do.

For his part, Kin Shriner, shall we say, rolled with the punches.

When General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini teased Michael taking on Scott in yesterday’s episode, Shriner jumped in to tweet a half tongue-in-cheek, half resigned, “Yup, Scotty gets what he always gets?”

And his fans, of course jumped to Scotty’s defense, from saying that the masterful lawyer should’ve decked Michael, to all but calling him a hero for knocking Sonny down a few pegs.

“Scotty should get the key to the city or Citizen of the Year award,” one Baldwin devotee tweeted.

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It’s clear that Michael isn’t the only one to feel strongly about what went down in the courtroom. The question is, where do you fall? Are you Team Corinthos or Team Baldwin? Sound off on whether you think Sonny’s eldest went too far below, then take a look back at the year’s hits and misfires, from Most Polarizing Couple to Creepiest Prop, in the photo gallery below.