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The actors have some words of wisdom for upset fans. 

It’s official. Thanks to Willow (and, in no small part, Scotty) the Nixon Falls cat is out of the proverbial bag on General Hospital. Carly and, well, everyone now knows about the affair between Nina and “Mike,” and it looks like the Corinthos clan is in for one bumpy ride. And that, of course, has fans up in arms.

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Executive producer Frank Valentini took to social media to sum up what happened pretty darn succinctly, tweeting, “Willow, under oath, drives a car through what’s left of Carly and Sonny’s relationship. Is this a win for Nina?”

Some fans weighed in on the question with a few even cheering on Nina, but there were naturally a whole lot more hoping that Carly and Sonny’s love would see them through this latest upset. But this being the internet, of course, there were plenty of folks who just weren’t having it. At. All.

One fan in particular responded with, “Another drawn out breakup with both [Sonny and Carly] onscreen more than ever, and then after ruining others they reunite. How do longtime viewers not see this pattern by now?”

Admittedly, this viewer doesn’t seem to be the biggest CarSon fan, but Sonny’s portrayer, Maurice Benard, took the criticism as an opportunity to respond to the eye-rollers out there. And actually, kudos to him for dropping a little truth nugget in the middle of internet drama, because his advice can be applied to pretty much every aspect of life.

“Sometimes we just have take another journey,” the actor replied. “Might be uncomfortable, but who knows, may be worth the ride.”

Laura Wright, meanwhile, is clearly along for the ride, because over on her own Twitter account, the actress has been retweeting fans cheering on Carly’s response and eagerly looking forward to Sonny’s wife (for now!) laying the smackdown on him and Nina. So when Benard responded to the fan, she chimed in with a simple but enthusiastic, “Yesssss.”

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At this point, of course, it might be best to just take Benard’s advice because we’ve already begun the journey and it looks like it’s a one-way trip. We’ll just have to see where it goes and whether Sonny gives in to the pull of Nina or finds his way back to Carly. One thing we do know is that with the mob boss caught between two powerful women, this ride will not be a gentle one.

What do you think? Are you here for the thrill or just over the whole thing? Let us know how you’re looking to the future, then take a few moments to reflect on how we got here with our General Hospital 2021 Year in Review. This is one photo album that’s sure to make you feel happy, sad and everything in between!