GH Rundown for the week of December 7!

Last week gave us a couple of reveals, a return, a long awaited meeting, and the continuation of a story that needs to wrap up.

Welcome Back
Steve Webber returned last week in the form of Scott Reeves (ex-Ryan, The Young and the Restless) and my, has he aged well. Looks aside, it’s already nice for Elizabeth to have family around she can confide in, not to mention, he seems like he might be able to take Patrick down a few pegs in the ego department. I love Patrick and all, but a formidable opponent at the hospital will be good for him.

Dark Eyeliner and Popping Gum
While I wasn’t a huge fan of either of those things when she first came on, as it was too obvious, Rebecca should have stayed a schemer. She’s been more interesting in the last couple of episodes, after learning about Nikolas and Elizabeth, than she has been in months. However, I don’t understand her plan. Lucky is in love with Elizabeth, so how is keeping them together by not telling him about her affair with Nikolas going to land him in her bed? It’s almost as convoluted as Nikolas’ plan to get back at her for trying to con him. I wish she would just tell Lucky so we can stop watching Elizabeth beat herself up and Nikolas sulk. Although, that’s really all the prince does, so I guess that won’t change too much.

Lucky Learns the Truth
Well, the truth about Dante anyway, as sadly, he’s still in the dark about his brother and fiancée. I’m glad Dante has another ally on the force and that they can work together on a couple of cases. They were also cute ribbing Lulu when she tried to cover for ‘Dominic’ with Lucky, but why does Dante trust Lulu so much with every detail of his cases? While she’s not connected to Franco, Dante knows she is trying to protect Sonny, so why does he tell her every move he’s going to make? Not to mention, isn’t it against cop guidelines to divulge so much information?