General Hospital Year in Review 2021
Credit: ABC/ABC screenshot

It was a year of surprising stories, shocking exits, and sizzling couples in Port Charles.

General Hospital definitely had its fans talking this year, and there were a lot of heated discussions around the proverbial watercooler, which now resides somewhere in cyberspace. Between controversial character exits, and questionable recasts, the ABC soap definitely tugged at everyone’s heartstrings several times in 2021.

Several departures, whether permanent or temporary, rocked the canvas of Port Charles. Whether you loved him or hated him, Franco’s death after so much time was spent building him and Liz as a couple was flabergasting. And after killing off a character popular with many, the show created the role of Austin Lee Holt for Roger Howarth to play. Unfortunately, the new character wasn’t well-received by many at first. The choice to kill Jason off, once again and without a body, was puzzling when there were other avenues that could have been taken to write the character out. And while we were sad to see some of our favorites depart, we were delighted by Drew’s return and the casting of Cameron Mathison in the role.

drew and scout hang the star

Romance and love are what draw many to watching soaps, and fans love to ship their favorite couple. Though their relationship didn’t last that long, Jason and Britt lit up the screen with their fire and electricity. Likewise many were thrilled when Anna and Valentin finally began to express their feelings for one another. Not too many viewers likely shed tears when Maxie finally saw the light and ended things with Peter.

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The storyline of the year, not because it was a fan favorite but because it lasted a year, was Sonny’s new life as “Mike” in Nixon Falls. Regardless of how you felt about it, it set up Carly and Jason as a couple, along with “Mike” and Nina, and the ripple effects of both we are still feeling.

And as we head into 2022, relive the big moments of this year in our General Hospital 2021 year in review gallery.