Willow takes the stand GH
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Will Willow tell the truth, or perjure herself?

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of December 27 – 31, Scott is about to go in for the courtroom kill. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Drew agreed to help Curtis look into his estranged father Marshall, and where he’s been for all these years. The two meet next week, and Drew believes he has found an angle.

Victor’s only been free for a few days and already he’s putting hits out on Laura and striking deals to keep Spencer out of a long-term prison sentence. Anna doesn’t trust the Cassadine, and for good reason, and lets him know that she’s sticking to him like glue.

Still wearing his walk-of-shame Santa suit, Martin meets up with Valentin. Will he share his new romance with Lucy with his friend, and is that why Valentin is waxing on about happy endings in the promo?

Ned warns BLQ that she needs to get out in front of this. He’s likely referring to the whole “Chase is my baby daddy” drama she’s stirred up, which is bound to have many asking questions and throwing nasty looks her way. Meanwhile, a shirtless and sweaty Chase is prepared to get things hot, but who is he planning to do so with?

Finally, after the Assistant DA calls Willow to the stand in Nina’s trial, Scott gets his chance to cross-examine her. His line of questions has Carly concerned as to why Scott is badgering Willow. Will Willow follow her moral compass and expose Nina and “Mike’s” Nixon Falls romance, or will she shock even herself and lie on the stand to protect her new family?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook