bradford anderson spinelli gh
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“Thought I’d do my best impression for you.”

General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson, who plays Spinelli — Port Charles’ favorite computer sleuth — thought he had just gotten dressed like any other day until his wife called him out on his attire. The ABC soap actor shared a photo on Instagram wearing a black t-shirt and explained, “Wasn’t ‘til my wife asked ‘if I was trying to dress like Steve?’ did I realize I was wearing the uniform.”

Staring at the camera with a serious look in his eyes, hair done up and his arms crossed over his chest, Anderson shared, “Thought I’d do my best impression for you.”

So, what do you think?

Fans quickly lit up the comment section with their approval. While many “loved it,” libbyday84 stated, “You look like Steve’s brother.” Harrikary thought he could be “Sonny’s new enforcer” and maryi513 suggested, “Maybe you can be Jason’s evil twin on General Hospital.”

Now that would be something to see!

Anderson and Steve Burton have been longtime friends and recently have been taking their comedy show to various venues throughout the country. Even though his fans still have a way to connect with Burton, it doesn’t make things any easier for them knowing their fave won’t be in Port Charles anymore.

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Following the tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island, and Jason being presumed dead, Burton made the official announcement on November 23 that really devastated his followers — he had been let go from the soap, due to the mandates that had been put in place. “Hey,” he stated, “I wanted you to hear it from me…”

One thing is for sure, people have a way of returning from the dead on soaps, and whether or not this will be the case for Jason, his death has turned many lives upside-down. Take a look through our gallery below to see who was most affected by Stone Cold’s demise.