lucy martin
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2)

If you’d told us during the ’80s heyday of Love in the Afternoon that we might someday get to see Lucy Coe and Tad Martin as a couple, we’d have laughed in your face. And then hoped against hope that you were right.

Sometimes the stars just align — by which we mean soap stars, of course. And now that General Hospital has among its deep bench of talent not only Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe but Michael E. Knight as Martin Grey, the powers that be have a unique opportunity to pair on screen the portrayers of two of ABC’s most legendary pot stirrers, Lucy (duh) and All My Children’s “Tad the Cad” Martin.

Will they do it, though? Fans’ hopes rose on December 19 when Herring shared a photo of herself on the set with Knight decked out like Kris Kringle. “Had a lot of fun with this Santa,” she said.

Viewers, in turn, reacted like they’d been given a present for which they hadn’t even dared to hope. “General Hospital,” responded CruisingChick15, “please make this happen immediately. We need to see these two on screen together in a [frontburner] story.”

The actors only briefly appeared in the holiday promo from which the picture was taken. (Watch it below.) Yet “I saw chemistry in that short clip,” tweeted RajaReign, “and am totally here for this pairing.”

A Lucy/Martin matchup is “a great idea!” cheered Debra Hill. “Nobody could match his personality more than Lucy Coe.”

And not for nothing, but how freaking awesome would it be if, decades after Herring and Knight first started hatching plots on different shows on ABC, they finally got to cook up some schemes together on the same one? That would be something we’d really, ahem, love in the afternoon.


What do you think, folks? Weigh in in the comments below, and while you’re here, check out our photo gallery of the dumbest things soaps have done in 2021. Hey, every idea can’t be as good as a Lucy/Martin pairing!