Victor warns of danger GH
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Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean one should let their guard down.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of December 20 – 24, it’s the holidays in Port Charles, but not everyone is celebrating. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

It’s the time of year for festivities, merriment, and cheer. Shawn, TJ, Molly, Kristina, and Alexis celebrate with a toast. Over at General Hospital, dressed as Santa’s elves, Spencer and Esme scramble as Lucy, the nurses, and the kids await Santa’s arrival.

However, not everyone is enjoying the holidays. Nina heads to Charlie’s to see Phyllis, likely to get advice about her upcoming trial, only to find Sonny at the bar. One guess as to why he’s there.

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Elsewhere, Victor and Ava grab a drink, and he warns her that danger still lurks behind every corner. Cue to a shot of Maxie looking over her shoulder. Over in Nixon Falls, Nina’s trial begins, and Carly is left with a stunned look on her face. Will the truth about Nina and “Mike” finally come out?

Finally, Laura warns Kevin, who plays the part of Santa at the hospital this year, that there is another threat looming and it’s right inside their family. Cyrus is shown on the phone, but seeing that Laura was sure he was out of resources, could she be speaking of someone else?

Let us know in the comments who you think Victor and Laura could be concerned about then read our General Hospital spoilers to find out what the Quartermaines are doing for the holidays.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook