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She’s as big a fan of Amanda Setton’s as we are!

The best way to tell what an actor is really like probably isn’t by asking the actor him- or herself. Who among us has that much objectivity about ourselves, right? No, the best way to tell what an actor is like is to take it from one of their co-stars — which is why right about now we’re feeling like we know General Hospital scene stealer Amanda Setton a whole lot better.

“Since Amanda doesn’t have social media, I get that you guys don’t have a good understanding about what she’s like as a person,” began Kirsten Storms (Maxie) on Instagram, “so [I’m-a] give you the lowdown” on Brook Lynn’s portrayer.

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And? And? What’s she like? “She’s wonderfully honest, open, loving, gorgeous, really [bleeping] funny, an effortlessly badass actor — can I get an amen to this, please? — a fantastic mama to three gorgeous kids, a great listener, an even better advice giver and a really supportive friend.”

Storms could go on, too. “There are many more positive things I could say,” she noted, “but I’m parked in front of Target and don’t have time to make this as long as it should be.”

Still, Storms had to give Setton a shout-out since “Amanda’s birthday was a few days ago.”

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With that, Storms invited fans to send the birthday girl their well wishes, which you can also do in the comments below. And while you’re here, you can check out a photo gallery of more real-life soap gal pals below.