thiebaud mystery man
Credit: ABC

The actress also had a special message for her fans.

Recently, gray skies tried to dampen Kelly Thiebaud’s spirits. But the General Hospital leading lady wasn’t having it, she made clear on Twitter. “Rainy days at home with my dog and a Christmas tree… ” she mused. “Could it get any better!?”

Then, as quickly as she had typed the words, she came up with the answer to what she had intended to be a rhetorical question. “Well… yes,” she said, “if he was also there.”

With that, Britt’s portrayer shared a classic Outlander meme of Sam Heughan as Jamie, trying to cool off in a lake but only getting hotter in the process. (Click here to read all about Heughan’s daytime connection.)

In a separate post, Thiebaud grew reflective as the year rounded the corner and began hurtling toward the finish line. Yep, “2021 is winding down,” she noted. And she couldn’t let it come to a close without giving a shout-out to her followers.

“I just want to say thank you,” she tweeted, “for cheering me on this year.”

No doubt, the cheering will continue into 2022, as hopefully, Britt rebounds from her heartbreak over Jason’s untimely “demise” and finds herself a new love interest. While we wait to find out who the lucky guy will be — and maybe scroll back up for another peek at that Outlander clip — behold the below photo gallery, a collection of images of some of the handsomest actors to ever work daytime into a lather.