wes ramsey working with maurice benard gh
Credit: ABC; Howard Wise/JPI

It’s been a long time coming and a moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

Fans who watched the Wednesday, December 8, episode of General Hospital were treated to an amazing scene between Wes Ramsey and Maurice Benard when Sonny paid Peter a visit in jail to warn that he would be the one to kill him — and would smile knowing that he was dead once and for all. Even though Peter tried to threaten Sonny with information he had on him and Nina, a video of them kissing, it was clear that the villain was no match for the seasoned mob boss.

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Prior to the episode airing, Ramsey shared a photo with Benard to let his followers know just how much he admires his castmate and how deep his respect for him truly runs. “Honored by the opportunity to finally square off face to face after all these years,” he stated. “Getting to work together is definitely on my personal highlight reel for 2021. I know that we both hope you all enjoy it.”

Benard reposted the same photo and joked, “Please I need everyone to know Peter has kidnapped me. He has a gun to my ribs in this picture, that’s why I’m not smiling And he has that smirk. Please notify the authorities.”

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The only thing that would have made the scene better would have been if Sonny and Peter faced off outside of the jail without any restrictions between them. While Sonny wants to be the one to kill Peter — and who could blame him after what he did to Jason — there are many others out there who want to do the honor themselves. Could General Hospital already have dropped a killer clue as to who will be the one to finally take Peter down — for good? You be the judge!

We’d love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section then look through our photo gallery below filled with Peter’s many crimes, to which gives a few people ample reasons for wanting him dead.