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Even after his passing, Humberto Morales found a way to reach out and touch his beloved son.

When Maurice Benard lost his father this fall, we felt deeply for him. How could anyone not, as he shared his pain at “knowing I will never see my hero again.”

The General Hospital Emmy winner idolized Humberto Morales the way one might Superman. “My dad was one of a kind — no one like him,” Benard said at the time. “Those who knew him know what I’m talking about.

“When I was a little boy, I wanted to be him,” he added. And Morales was his son’s biggest fan. “Nobody was more proud of me than my father.”


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As devastating as the loss was for Benard, he has managed to see, in a way, a silver lining among the dark clouds. “I believe when someone dies, they leave you with a gift,” Sonny’s portrayer explained on December 7. “And it can come in all forms.”

For him, it seemed to come in the form of moments stolen with loved ones. “I’m so glad,” Benard said, “I was able to spend some time with my brother and my mom at my father’s Mass.”

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In such times, what more can one hope for than the comfort of the company of one’s nearest and dearest. On this somber occasion, refill your heart by celebrating fathers in the below photo gallery of soap stars and their doting dads.