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“I know you want me to have him on State of Mind, but sorry guys.”

Ever since General Hospital‘s Maurice Benard launched his internet show, State of Mind, he’s hosted dozens of actors, activists and even family members. Still, there’s one personality Sonny’s portrayer has yet to snag — Buddy the Goat. And that’s a shame, because from his earliest days, fans haven’t been able to get enough of him. Benard has given them what they want, happily sharing his pal on Twitter and Instagram. But stardom has a way of changing people. And apparently goats. The more attention he’s gotten, the more Buddy the Goat has become a “narcissistic” diva.

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A couple months back, Benard tried to have a “talk” with Buddy about his problematic behavior and his apparent refusal to do Instagram. Buddy (sounding curiously like his human) responded with insults and disdain.

Fans, though, still love the adorable but opinionated goat, and have been clamoring to get him on Benard’s internet show, State of Mind. It makes sense, as the actor’s already been branching out on his podcast with some unusual guests. Rather than sit down with Marcus Coloma, for instance, he chatted with Nikolas Cassadine.

“Many of you have written you want Buddy the Goat on State of Mind,” Sonny’s portrayer shared on Instagram. So, not wanting to let his fans down, Benard humbly approached Buddy with the idea. It went just about as well as you might expect when dealing with a high-maintenance diva.

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The actor began the video looking appropriately nervous, explaining he was going to ask his pal to do the show. Then he got down to the all-important question: “Buddy, you wanna be on State of Mind?”

Buddy looked thoroughly unimpressed.

“Is that a yes or a no?” the General Hospital star asked. Buddy lifted his head up towards his human, who, in turn, leaned down and listened to the outrageous demands. “Yeah, OK,” Benard acknowledged after a moment, then turned to his audience. “He said he wants money. More money. We can’t pay you, Buddy. It’s just, you’re gonna be talking.”

Buddy turned his head away in obvious disgust, then his whole body. “Well, there’s the answer,” Benard informed us. “That means ‘Absolutely not. No amount of money will get me on.’”

Check out the Instagram clip below.

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As Benard concluded in his post, “If you have any suggestions on how to humble a narcissistic goat, let me know.”

Any takers? This is outside our area of expertise, but if folks out there have any ideas, the actor’s all ears.

Honestly, to us, not doing State of Mind is a dumb move. Exposure is key if Buddy the Goat doesn’t want his stardom to fade. But a diva does as a diva will. Just as soaps do as soaps will. With that in mind, why not check out a gallery of some of daytime’s dumbest moves in 2021. There are no goats, but you probably can find a turkey or two.