Jon Lindstrom of General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

“Thanks to all you followers of my actual antics.”

Sometimes real life echoes fiction just a little too well. Just as General Hospital’s poor Kevin is occasionally locked up and impersonated by his psycho brother, Ryan, their portrayer, Jon Lindstrom, has been targeted not once, but twice by impersonators.

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As fans may remember, back in September Lindstrom’s Facebook account was hacked and taken over by someone dubbing themselves “Ka Ramot.” Locked out of Facebook, the actor took to another corner of the social media world to let fans know what was happening — or at least as much as he knew.

“I’ve been locked out and have no idea what’s going on over there,” he wrote on Twitter.

Eventually, Lindstrom got back into his account, restored order and all was right in the world. Until now. The actor posted on Instagram last night that someone was again impersonating, this time on the photo sharing platform. Lindstrom didn’t mince words in the post, clearly fed up with folks targeting him.

“So not long after getting back my Facebook account, seems another (or the same) cretin is passing himself off as me.” He then advised fans to ignore the fake, saying they’d likely disappear soon as they’d been reported. The actor then capped it off with “PS: WTH is ‘hangout?’”

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That’s an excellent question. There is no “hangout.” Google has an instant messaging service called “Hangouts,” though, so that might be what the fairly inept impersonator might have been implying? The fake Lindstrom, though, also warns people away from the actor’s “official page,” but it’s not clear if they mean or, more likely, don’t know what to call Lindstrom’s official Instagram account. Either way, Google Hangouts has nothing to do with either of them.

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It seems like order may be restored again shortly, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating as to who the Instagram impersonator and Facebook hacker are. A number of them, naturally, have placed tongue firmly in cheek and wasted no time in pointing to Ryan or asking if the actor had a real-life doppelgänger. But as we discussed above, the Instagram impersonator doesn’t seem to understand social media or the internet that well, so it’s clear that, unlike Ryan, we aren’t dealing with a criminal mastermind here.

No matter who it is, let’s hope this is the last of the hacking and fake accounts, and we can all get back to enjoying Lindstrom’s “antics” without interruption.

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