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Is Nixon Falls the gift that keeps on giving? Sorry, we meant “taking.”

Carly, as all General Hospital viewers know, is not someone to let go of a grudge. And ever since Sonny’s returned from Nixon Falls and regained his memory, she’s had one hell of a vendetta towards Nina. The woman kept “Mike” from his family for the better part of a year, and while Sonny may get a pass for not knowing what was going on, Nina understood exactly what she was doing. So it’s no wonder that Carly never hesitates to cut Nina down every chance she gets, even while Sonny might wish she didn’t!

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And while the don should be furious with Nina for keeping him away from his loved ones, there’s still that “Mike” part of him that has feelings for the woman he fell for while his family thought he was dead. It’s only natural that the situation might drive a bit of a wedge between him and Carly — especially since he can’t exactly tell his wife to back off because he has lingering feelings for the woman he was, er, with during his amnesia era.

Mike and Nina kiss GH

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But what happens when the truth about their relationship finally comes out? Carly may be ticked off now, but the explosion when she finds out Sonny and Nina were an item back in Nixon Falls is likely to be, well, cataclysmic.

And sure, Sonny may get a pass for building a life in Nixon Falls because he didn’t know any better, but building a life with another woman is a totally different beast. That’s going to be tough for Carly to forgive, amnesia or not, and even more so if her husband’s holding onto feelings for Nina.

Michael, of course, is squarely in his mom’s camp. He’s got no special love for Nina, so while he’s already had her arrested for identity theft as some sort of stab at “justice,” he’s also been working overtime to keep Wiley away from his grandma. Willow, though, doesn’t have the Corinthos family’s vindictiveness running in her veins, so while she understands what her beau’s doing, she’s human enough to feel sorry for Nina.

Michael and Willow discuss Nina at General Hospital

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So far Willow’s stuck by Michael even though she feels that he and his mother are maybe going just a teensy bit overboard. But as things are likely to get far worse before this is all over, we have a feeling she’ll soon start feeling the two are going way too far. But then, that’s the Corinthos way, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s the Benson way, because Carly was plenty vindictive before she ever laid eyes on Sonny. (Right, Bobbie?)

So with these two relationships already starting to wobble, is a total breakdown just around the corner? Could Nina be the stone that ends up killing, as they say, two birds in one as Carly and Michael alienate their partners with their vendetta? What do you think, General Hospital fans? Is the love between these characters enough to hold them together, or could we be headed towards a double split?

Sound off below, then, if you have any doubts about how much trouble Carly can stir up when provoked (or just for fun), why not take a look at our gallery celebrating the life and times of Carly Corinthos?