Britt asks about Jason Tunnels GH
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Several in Port Charles face the consequence of their actions.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of November 22 – 26, lies and secrets are exposed and the fallout begins. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Carly is finally beginning to realize that something happened between Nina and Sonny in Nixon Falls, especially after he revealed to her that she was “Mike’s” friend. However, Sonny seems to be having a hard time processing his feelings for Nina himself while at the same time constantly feeling the need to protect her from the wrath of his family. Maybe it’s just Sonny trying to deny his feelings, but he informs Nina that what they had wasn’t love, but instead a lie. He’s not entirely wrong as she did lie to him, but there was no denying “Mike” fell for Nina and vice-versa.

After being rushed into the OR for an emergency c-section, Dr. Navarro delivered Brando and Sasha’s baby boy. However, when the baby wasn’t crying and was immediately whisked away, Brando and Sasha realized something was wrong. Is this just a case that they didn’t give the boy time enough to cry, or is the baby in danger?

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Maxie, who is in panic mode over her and BLQ’s plan to protect Louise from Peter is unraveling, receives a call that has her troubled. We are guessing it might be from Anna, and it likely is about what is going on in Greece with Peter. Meanwhile, Chase, who has clearly figured out Maxie and Brook Lynn’s plan, stepped up and told Valentin that he was the father of Bailey. While Valentin is sure to rage at them both, Brook Lynn also faces a furious Chase who exclaims he’ll never forgive her for what she’s done! Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?

After finally confronting his mysterious stalker, Curtis was stunned when Marshall revealed he was his father, who in fact hadn’t died of a heart attack years ago. Viewers are still waiting for a full explanation as to why he felt he had to leave his family, but in the meantime, Portia asks Curtis if she believes that he’s his father.

And over in Greece, after a shootout in the tunnels, the unstable underground came down upon Peter, Jason, Britt and Drew. Jason appeared to be buried, and there was no sign of Peter as Drew raced to protect Britt. In the aftermath, Britt calls out to Jason. Tune in this week to find out if Jason survives, and what becomes of Peter.

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