Peter hands up GH
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Not everyone may survive this week.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of November 15 – 19, it’s a life or death situation for many. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Chase can’t knock his hunch that something about the night Louise was kidnapped isn’t adding up. On top of that, he’s also suspicious about BLQ’s story of how and why she slipped off to give birth alone. Will the detective put two and two together?

Since returning to Port Charles, Sonny hasn’t been the same, and Carly’s noticed it. And Carly’s a changed person too after having to run Sonny’s business in his absence. As the two exchange tense looks in this preview, we can’t help but wonder if one has made a shocking confession about their time apart?

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The Joel Sartore exhibit proved dramatic, and it wasn’t just the artwork. Trying to ruin Trina’s big night, Esme thought she was locking her in the back room at the gallery. However, it was Gladys and very pregnant and uncomfortable Sasha that were shut in. It’s clear Sasha was having issues with the baby, and she’s about to go into full-blown labor. Fortunately, by the looks of the video, she makes it to the hospital.

The exhibit also provided the backdrop for Leo to go missing when he gave Brook Lynn, who was supposed to be watching him, the slip. As Ned and Olivia franticly search for the boy, they come upon a shocking scene.

Finally, over on Cassadine Island, Britt tells Obrecht that if they get the opportunity they will kill Peter. That’s proven to be easier said than done, and Robert and Anna are on the way to help. However, they may not arrive in time.

Jason, left in the dungeon and who Peter has hinted will not be leaving the island with the rest of them, finally gets the advantage. He manages to take down the guard and escape. Unfortunately, Peter appears to order Drew to kill Jason, and Britt screams as Drew puts him in a chokehold. However, Jason literally holds the key to stopping Drew, the chariot tarot card. Will he be able to use it to turn the tide in their favor against Peter?

As the promo comes to a close, the announcer reveals the week will end with a bang!

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook