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ABC soap vet mixes reel life with real life.

Fans of General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) have likely seen the actor’s internet show State of Mind, where he and guests discuss various mental health topics and ways to be at peace with your life. This week, in a comical twist, the ABC soap vet changed things up a bit and instead of welcoming one of his fellow actors to the show, he sat down with a Port Charles character, Nikolas Cassadine!

Benard started the interview by introducing “somebody from Port… is it… yeah, Port Charles… Port Chuck.” After a little giggle, he stated, “It’s not that funny.” However, what was funny is how he pronounced the character’s name, “Nikili Quesadilla,” to which portrayer Marcus Coloma smiled and delivered the correct pronunciation.

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After Benard informed “Nikolas” that he had a lot of notes from various people in Port Charles, including Ava, “Nik” confirmed, “Yeah, that’s my wife.” Clearly from the notes he was looking at — from Ava — Benard found that really “interesting” then asked about his son Spency. While they briefly discussed the issues between the father and son, Benard got to the real root of “Nik’s” problem…

He’s “sexy, great looking, [and has] dimples.” Any guesses fans? Yep, Benard wanted to know why “Nik” had such a major issue with Sonny. “Nik” claimed, “He’s [fathered] half of the population of Port Charles. I don’t know what his mission is, if he’s trying to populate an entire city.” Though Benard thought that was a good thing, that Sonny could have kids easily, “Nik” called him irresponsible then let loose on why he couldn’t stand the mob boss, “Everyone seems to have a problem with me and my actions. Sonny walks around doing whatever he wants and gets nothing but love and respect.”

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Benard seemed to have an answer as to why that happens, because Sonny “is so damn sexy” then asked “Nik,” “Have you ever looked into his eyes?” Coloma couldn’t contain his amusement and started laughing before getting back into character. “Nik” agreed, Sonny has aged well, even though he had hoped he would go bald, and said, “He’s a very charismatic, confident charming guy but…”

Watch the hilarious video interview to see how “Nik” really feels, what Benard believes his issue stems from and what leaves both actors laughing to the end.

If you enjoyed watching Benard’s interview with “Nik,” take a look through our General Hospital cast photos in the gallery below and let us know in the comments which Port Charles character you’d like to see him talk to next.