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Don’t worry, the actress can handle herself in the Britt/Jason/Sam couple wars.

While General Hospital’s Britt has been trapped on a Greek island with her dastardly half brother, Peter, her portrayer Kelly Thiebaud has been roaming free in the Twitterverse, offering musings about life and prompting us to ask big questions like: Why can’t we all just get along? In fact, that’s probably something the actress herself was asking after a fan of the show came at her for a tweet — and a pretty innocuous one at that!

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“I think I’d be really good at going undercover,” Britt’s portrayer wrote on Twitter before going on to muse that she’d “be a damn good investigator.”

And we’re here for this confidence! Just be careful, please. If daytime taught us anything, it’s that sleuthing is a very dangerous profession, and even something as basic as exposing an extramarital affair will more than likely end with a plot being hatched against you. Still, most fans were all for the idea, with one responding, “Speaking as someone who background-checked a stalker in my DMs and put them on blast, I salute this energy.”

Thiebaud offered a robust round of applause. Actually, we’ll do the same. Bravo.

Not everyone was pleased with the tweet, though. And while we aren’t quite sure why anyone would feel the need to offer an unkind word in response to Thiebaud’s musings, this is the internet, and nothing surprises us anymore.

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“You are no Sam,” one hater accused. Gasp — no!

But if Thiebaud was shocked to find out this news, she didn’t show it.

“I know,” the actress replied. “I’m Kelly.”

Mic drop.

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Sam, of course, is a private eye and a damn good investigator, but that’s neither here nor there. Sadly, though, hell hath no fury like a soap-couple superfan scorned, and now that Sam’s moved on with Dante, and Jason and Britt had their Canadian tryst, viewers are adjusting to a new reality without JaSam.

But c’mon, folks, don’t take it out on the actors. They’re just doing their jobs. And, really, if they weren’t great at them, none of us would care to begin with. So kudos to Thiebaud for handling a social-media troll with grace and humor. It certainly put a smile on our faces!

Thiebaud, of course, has taken Britt from the scheming “Britch” to, well, we don’t want to say a respectable citizen of Port Charles, but an almost decent one. But Britt isn’t the only General Hospital character who’s softened their villainous ways over the years, so while you’re here, check out a gallery of Port Charles residents who’ve gone from bad to… less bad! (It even includes someone who Thiebaud most certainly is not!)

Then, read up on what the headwriters have to say about Peter’s ultimate fate — and review the below photo gallery that serves as a vivid reminder of why he’s Port Charles’ public enemy No. 1