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The holiday season may not be merry and bright for some of your favorites!

When we sat down to chat with General Hospital headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, they actually found it easier to discuss storylines coming down the pike in future weeks than they did the events which will be unfolding this week. Why? As Van Etten put it, “The Cassadine Island adventure is coming to a climax and, even as it pits Jason and Drew against one another, it’s possible that not all of our characters will make it out of this alive. Port Charles will feel the impact of what happens this week for months to come.”

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Above: “For the record, Peter, you’re a terrible host!”

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Despite our best efforts to pry more info out of them, they would only say that several families would be impacted. As for Peter… well, if you were hoping to hear that the baddie might finally meet his maker, you might want to skip the next sentence. “Villains are up and down but never out,” laughs Van Etten, “and he is nothing if not the epitome of a villain.”

Another person whose fate will be decided on the island is Drew, who has spent the past two years using memories of the life he left behind to get through each day. But even if he does make it back home, Van Etten points out that “the life he comes back to will not be the one he left behind, as a lot has changed during that time.” Given that Jason went through something similar when he was presumed dead for five years, might this be something for the twins to bond over?

Sonny’s Not Over Nina!

Elsewhere, things are going to get even messier for Sonny, Carly and Nina… thanks largely to Mike, who remains very much in the picture. “Mike is the version of Sonny who might have existed had he not been influenced by organized crime all his life,” explains O’Connor. “So while at first Sonny might have seen Mike as a separate person, what he and Nina are coming to realize is that there’s quite a lot of overlap in a way they didn’t expect. Mike is Sonny and Sonny is Mike.”

Mike and Nina kiss GH

Above: Like Windsong, Nina’s kiss stays on Sonny’s mind.

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As a result, he continues, “Even though Sonny fell in love with Nina under a very specific set of circumstances that would not ordinarily have happened, he did fall in love with her. He can’t just flick a switch and make those feelings go away. That’s going to have a lasting impact on Sonny and Carly’s marriage.”

Ironically, Carly, too, might find it difficult to move past the events which unfolded during her husband’s absence. “Having taken the reins where the business is concerned, even briefly, Carly might find that it’s not an easy thing to let go of,” teases Van Etten. “Or should we say that the business might not be willing to let go of her!”

Trouble for Elizabeth and Finn?

The past also might intrude on Elizabeth’s attempt to enjoy the new relationship she’s building with Finn. “Much of Elizabeth’s past from before she arrived in Port Charles has remained a mystery,” O’Connor reminds us. “Right now, she is focused on her future with Finn, but it’s possible that elements from the life she left behind may cause trouble ahead.”

Liz and Finn discuss dead peter GH

Above: “Given that this is winter preview and we live in Upstate New York, shouldn’t we dress warmer?”

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Elizabeth’s son, Cameron, has been getting much closer to Josslyn, although she and gal pal Trina find themselves heavily invested in Spencer’s relationship with Esme. “They know that there is more to this girl than meets the eye. But Esme is not going to stand back and allow them to interfere with her plans, of which she has several,” warns Van Etten. “Suffice it to say that Josslyn and Trina may regret having ever crossed paths with Esme!” Could this all have something to do with the new girl’s mysterious connection to Kevin’s brother, Ryan?

A Cassadine Reunion?

Nikolas tries to talk to Spencer GH

Above: “Look, I don’t want to participate in Victor’s Secret Santa crap either, but sometimes you have to go along to get along.”

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Spencer’s dad, Nikolas, will find himself having to deal with Victor’s return. “He has big plans for the Cassadine family,” previews O’Connor. Of course, “that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want anything to do with his plans!” That may be especially true of Alexis who, newly released into the world, will be attempting to figure out what’s next. As a result, look for her to not only take her life in a new direction, but perhaps seek out a new career as well. And as the rest of the clan tries to figure out exactly what Victor is up to, look for Anna to try and use the fact that he’s claiming to be Valentin’s dad as a tool with which to dig up the truth.

Cyrus Wants Laura Dead!

Cyrus, Martin and Laura talk Florence at Metro Court General Hospital

Above: “Martin never offers to pick up the check. It’s just one of the many reasons I want him dead.”

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Now that portrayer Genie Francis’ vacation has wrapped, Laura will be returning to the canvas. “She has her work cut out for her, as the head of a large family,” says O’Connor. But before she can even think about helping any of them, she’ll have to actually get herself back to town alive! “She not only has to survive Cyrus’ assassination attempts, but help her hapless brother, Martin, avoid falling into the Cyrus murder engine.”

In Other News…

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Above: “Maxie, you should jump on this train now. Because once I’m rich, tickets will no longer be available for the Gaitlin-Holt express.”

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Although Maxie and Brook Lynn thought they’d come up with the perfect plan to protect Louise/Bailey, the spark between Maxie and Austin could prove problematic. “He is a person who could connect the dots,” theorizes O’Connor, “and expose the entire secret they’ve been keeping.” Then again, Austin may have his hands full given that he refuses to rest until the scales are balanced as far as how the Quartermaine clan treated his father. • Ned and Olivia have been on a roller coaster for months now. “They realize that they do not want to reconnect unless it’s going to be for good this time,” says Van Etten, adding that the “ultimate fate of their marriage will be decided before the holidays.” • Curtis is in for a major shock that will impact not only him but Portia, TJ and everyone that he holds near and dear. • Scott and Obrecht will continue to do what Van Etten calls “a slow burn” even as each faces new challenges, including how Victor’s return impacts Liesl. • Michael and Willow will have to navigate how to be a family, especially as some of his actions rub her the wrong way.

Whew, that was a heck of a lot of preview! Maybe we should balance it out with a little history. With the much-loved Laura about to return (if she can avoid her brother’s assassins), why not join us in reliving some of her greatest adventures via the gallery below?