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On November 14, the actor celebrated his anniversary as the nefarious Peter August. And yes, “the nefarious” is now just a part of the villain’s name; get used to it.

It’s not every day that a soap star sends a message to you — you, yes, you… all of us, really. But November 14 wasn’t just any old day. As General Hospital pot-stirrer Wes Ramsey explained to his followers on Instagram, “Four years ago today, I had the privilege of bringing Peter August into the magical world of Port Charles for the very first time.


“It has been an honor — a roller coaster — for me ever since,” continued the erstwhile Henrik Faison’s portrayer. “To all the fans who have stuck by me, to the ones I’ve won over from time to time, and even all the rest that I’m still working on, it has been one of the great privileges of my life to perform for you and try to keep you entertained these last four years.”

And the veteran of Guiding Light is still going strong. Peter is like the Energizer Bunny of villains; there’s just no stopping him. Don’t believe it? Check out the simple but telling spoiler for November 16.

See what we mean?


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In closing, Ramsey, whose real-life significant other is castmate Laura Wright (Carly), cheered, “So here’s to keeping the controversy stirring and still shaking the trees!” (You can check out photos of more General Hospital stars and their off-screen mates here.)

On this momentous occasion, stop off at the below photo gallery, which takes a look at some General Hospital baddies who were redeemed. Could — gasp! — Peter eventually have to be added to that list?