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You’ve come a long way, Baby Boy Roberts.

Some people are born with a greater than average likelihood to develop killer abs or a chiseled jawline. Others are born with an unusual pull toward drama. Still others are born with all of the above. Case in point; Michael Corinthos of General Hospital fame.

When he made his entrance into the world on December 29, 1997, we couldn’t yet tell about the abs or the jawline; those would come much later.

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But the drama? Oh, honey, that was obvious from the start. Mom Carly (then Sarah Brown) had been found by ex-lover/BFF Jason passed out and rushed to the ER. After she underwent an emergency C-section, he whispered to his unconscious confidante, “They told me you needed an operation, and I said no. They told me the kid needs an operation, and I said yes.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he added, as if the eeny-meeny-miney-moe approach wasn’t valid. “I don’t think they do, either. But he’s hanging on.”

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When Carly regained consciousness, she panicked. After seducing mom Bobbie’s husband Tony and convincing her actual babydaddy A.J. — Jason’s half brother, for those keeping score — that he’d tumbled off the wagon, the new mother was certain that karma had come around to make her pay the piper. “It’s dead, isn’t it?” she wept. “I killed my baby.”

Carly hadn’t, though. Her future as the wife of mobster Sonny would certainly put the infant in harm’s way, but she hadn’t killed him. He was in jeopardy, though. “The baby,” Jason explained, “had a flap in his heart that didn’t close up like it should’ve.”

The doctors were repairing that, he went on. “All he needs now is a name.”


Thus far, the hospital staff had been calling him Baby Boy Roberts, but that would never do. “Roberts isn’t real, It’s a made-up name,” Carly cried. “It’s a lie like everything else about me.”

Carly suggested that the wee one be called Morgan. After all, in her estimation, Jason was “the only real thing in this baby’s life.”

As we well know, that name didn’t quite stick. (It would get some mileage later, however.) And Carly would soon have bigger fish to fry — like worrying that A.J. would discover that she’d popped out a Quartermaine heir. “He will never let my son know me,” she fretted. “But you know what — maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. Maybe I was supposed to die.”

Yeah, Carly is a whole mood in the clip above. Check it out, then peruse the below photo gallery, which takes you through Michael’s wild life as the son of one of Port Charles’ all-time most mercurial characters.

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