Peter GH mashup
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Maxie, Sonny, Valentin, Anna — there’s no shortage of people who want karma to catch up with this villain! 

When it comes to cheating death, few have managed it as consistently as General Hospital scoundrel Peter August. He’s got more lives than a cat, but none of those cute and cuddly aspects that make us want to keep him around despite the fact that he keeps looking us in the eye and knocking stuff off the countertop. At this point, there’s pretty much nothing in Port Charles that Peter hasn’t knocked onto the ground and broken.

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The conniver has been wreaking havoc for four years now — portrayer Wes Ramsey just celebrated his General Hospital anniversary with a grateful Instagram post — and despite making enemies of the good guys, the bad guys and every Obrecht in between, it doesn’t seem like there’s any stopping him. After all, if there’s one thing folks have to admit it’s that Peter’s good at being bad — even if he himself doesn’t see it that way!

“Peter is worth his weight in dastardly gold,” co-headwriter Chris Van Etten tells “As with all good villains, Peter isn’t simply bad for the sake of being bad. He understands his own motives, even if no one else does. He’s been hurt by the actions of others, all of which helped make him who he is.”

“But,” co-headwriter Dan O’Connor admits, “he’s definitely become darker over time, in part because his efforts to cover his past deeds have led him to commit worse ones. In some ways, it’s as if he can’t get out of his own way.”

Whether Peter can get out of his own way or not, the folks of Port Charles just want him out of theirs. And they aren’t alone. Fans have been clamoring for the baddy’s punishment for ages. Every time he reaches the proverbial “last straw,” he manages to pull another one out of thin air and pile it on. And every time we think he’s finally going to pay for his sins, he evades both justice and death.

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We thought those sins had finally caught up with him when Finn tossed him down a flight of stairs. But not even Elizabeth stuffing Peter’s “dead” body in the freezer could put his reign of terror on ice. By now we just need them to stop teasing us and deal out some sort of punishment already. But will that ever happen?

“Villains are up and down but never out,” Van Etten teases, “and Peter is nothing if not the epitome of a villain.”

Just in case you think we’re being overly harsh, we put together a handy collection of photos of all of Peter’s greatest — actually, make that “worst” — hits. So if you have any doubts left that he’s as bad as they come, check out the below gallery of the many crimes of Peter August.