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Parry Shen (Brad) knows exactly how much snark we need in our lives.

If you’ve been watching General Hospital these past few days, you’ve probably noticed Brad’s name come up a time or two. And by come up, we mean Miss Wu flat-out asked Sonny for help in getting her miscreant nephew a Get Out Of Jail Free card. The don declined, of course — you don’t mess with Sonny’s family! — but he did promise not to interfere if Brad was paroled on his own merits.

So naturally we felt like it was worth taking to Instagram to ask if fans were ready for Brad to make his triumphant return to Port Charles. Sadly, not all viewers were on board with the idea.

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When one person responded to the idea with two thumbs down — what is this, a Siskel and Ebert review? — Brad’s portrayer, Parry Shen stepped in with a good-natured “Thank you!!!”

Then he added the kicker. “Oh wait — I had my phone upside-down.” Sad face.

“Trolling,” Shen wrote when he shared the exchange on his own Instagram. “One of my favorite pastimes.”

Unsurprisingly, Shen’s followers ate it up, all eager for his return. Loyalties, though, are admittedly divided. “This is where I’m torn,” fan Brooklyn Starr wrote in the comments to his post. “I love Brad, but I also now want to create a snarky, rude comment just to see how you’d respond!”

“Heck yeah,” dmurray1795 cheered, “but he better stay away from Michael and Wiley if he knows what’s good for him.”

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Noted. Then again, judging by Michael’s reaction to Sonny requesting he stand down if Brad’s paroled, staying away may not be good enough. At least the babynapper’s (possible) return should be anything but dull!

While we’re here pining over Brad’s return, it seems like the perfect time to check out some photos of daytime characters we want, nay, need back on our screens as soon as possible!