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Credit: ABC

Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress’ message is one to remember.

General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly) recently had the occasion to look back at her 23 year-old self. She talked about how she had grown over the years and reflected on a time when she was “ashamed of her body and thought if she could lose 10 more pounds she would be perfect and worthy of love.”

The 51 year-old ABC soap actress shared a photo from years ago, dressed in black shorts and a tank, and gave fans a glimpse into how she once felt about herself. “She wasn’t focused on the things she loved just on being skinny enough to be loved,” Wright stated and went on to clarify that she had felt that way “every day, all day long, these were my thoughts.”

However, 30 years later Wright admitted, “I’m finally discovering how beautiful life is.” Not only that, but she’s grateful for “a body that has been with me and taking care of me for 51 years.”

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Life is full of fun surprises, that is, as the actress stated, “When you decide to live!” And though Wright wasn’t exactly sure why she decided to share this today, after receiving the photo last night, she did confess how she wanted to “hug this young girl and tell her how amazing she is.”

To all of those who have ever felt this way, or currently feel this way, we want you to know… You are beautiful! Don’t ever doubt that.

We commend Wright for opening up about her past struggles, and her Port Charles character has had her fair share of them as well. Take a look back at 15 of Carly’s most defining moments in our photo gallery below.