Drew and Jason face off GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Will past feelings come into play?

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of November 8 – 12, Drew and Jason face off. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After making bail in Nixon Falls and returning to Port Charles, Nina comes face to face with Sonny at Charlie’s. Both wanted to purchase the place and give it to Phyllis, with Nina bowing out of a bidding war and allowing Sonny to do so. As she sits at the bar, she asks him if he plans on using his power to keep her out of jail. He warns her that she has no idea what he can do with his power. Is he subtly threatening her, or will he step in to help?

After Sonny’s return, Carly and Jason put their newfound feelings for one another aside and vowed to go back to the way things used to be, with Carly married to Sonny and Jason their good friend. However, that may be easier said than done. In this tease, Carly confides in Diane that she has to put her friendship with Jason on hold for the sake of her marriage. But will she be able to let him go?

Finally in Greece, as Britt, Obrecht and Jason tried to get away, Peter and the brainwashed Drew caught them. As Jason tries to get through to his brother, Peter’s plans appear to take a twisted turn as he gloats, “One brother down, one to go!”

Let us know in the comments if you think Sonny will step up to help Nina, and what Peter has done now.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook