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Bryan Craig hit the big three-oh on October 27.

“The three-zero was a major success,” Instagrammed General Hospital alum Bryan Craig on November 1. “Thank you, my love, for making it so special and to everyone who came out.”

And just who is “my love”? Well, his love. Model/actress Daniela Lopez Osorio, that’s who. “I love you sooo much,” she wrote to her beau. “Till the wheels come off, baby.”

“That’s right, my love,” Craig replied.


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In a separate post, the beauty shared an ultra-romantic video of herself slow dancing with her boo before a cinematic sunset over a city skyline. “Every day with you feels like a birthday,” Morgan’s former portrayer told his sweetheart. “Thank you for making it so special, my angel.”

Clearly, these too are so smitten, they’re all but redefining #relationshipgoals. Seriously, just look at the chemistry radiating off of them in this shot from a June evening out.


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“What a girl,” Craig sighed. “What a night.” What a couple!

Since leaving General Hospital in 2016, the two-time Emmy winner has been making a name for himself in primetime (Valor, Grand Hotel) and movies (American Fighter, Women Is Losers). But just last fall, he tweeted not only his former soap but The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives that “I’m ready to work and up for grabs, so who’s it gonna be?”

To date, it’s been none of them, even though came up with the perfect parts for him to play on each show. (See if you don’t agree: For once, we kinda nailed it!)

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