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Credit: ABC screenshot (2)

The actors seemed to enjoy a particular scene as much as viewers did.

It took 18 takes, apparently, but Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Marcus Coloma finally managed to upload to Twitter a hilarious video in which they rewatch the General Hospital scene that found Spencer confronting Nikolas about Hayden. The guys couldn’t be any cuter and funnier if they tried.

First, Chavez razzes his on-screen dad about his ineptitude as a cinematographer. Then they cue up the scene in question on Chavez’s phone. As it grows in intensity, Spencer making clear that he hasn’t done anything, Nikolas has, the actors’ eyes grow wide with anticipation and glee. Then, when at last Spencer drops his bombshell — “Tell me about Hayden” — they explode in laughter.

We have a hunch you will, too.

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Clearly, the co-stars have a far more jovial relationship than do Nikolas and Spencer, who’ve been at best at odds ever since Dad let his son believe he was dead for years (then added insult to injury by falling for Ava). Ever since the reveal of Spencer’s extreme method of acting out, Nikolas has been hellbent on disciplining Junior. But the tables could be turned all the way around if he found out about Pop’s misdeeds where Violet’s mom is concerned!

You can watch Chavez and Coloma yuk it up in the clip above. And when you’re done ROFL-ing, check out the below photo gallery of characters like Rebecca Budig’s much-missed Hayden that we really, really want back, stat.