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We’ve got the scoop on who’ll be doing what to whom!

It’s almost hard to imagine what tricks General Hospital headwriters will pull out of their hats for November Sweeps. Why? Because already, the show is the most unpredictable on daytime. From unexpected pairings like Jason and Britt to the reveal that Victor is Valentine’s dad, the show has been keeping viewers on their collective toes. So when scribes Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor told Soap Opera Digest we should look for “a twist no one will see coming,” we believe them! 

So what might that twist be? We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, let’s look at some of the other tidbits the writing team teased… and one storyline on which they were particularly close-mouthed. Because while some fans would say that Peter’s story occupies a very large portion of the canvas, Van Etten and O’Connor mentioned the baddie only in passing. What they did say, however, will likely have viewers who are suffering from Henrik overload jumping for joy: “Robert,” they shared, “will stop at nothing to bring Peter to heel.” 

Cyrus, Martin and Laura talk Florence at Metro Court General Hospital

Above: The look on Laura’s face should probably clue Cyrus in to the fact that he doesn’t actually have friends in high places.

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Another bit of news that’ll have fans cheering? The return of iconic heroine Laura (as played by much-loved Genie Francis). Given that her family is being torn asunder by various forces, Van Etten and O’Connor seem to agree it’s definitely time for Laura to come home and set things right. That may not, however, be as simple as it sounds, especially given that newfound brother Cyrus would just as soon see Port Charles’ mayor dead! 

Truth be told, we still get chills when we recall the words Cyrus said to Laura as he was leaving for prison. “I’ve already gotten in your head,” he warned. “The darkness that already exists within you, Laura, it’s been reignited. And I for one, dear sister, can’t wait to see what kind of changes are in store for you the next time our paths cross!” 

With that time seemingly fast-approaching, we can’t help but wonder just how far Laura — who has dealt with her share of villains over the years — might go to stop Cyrus. Will the fact that they share blood give her pause or only make her see his eradication as a personal responsibility? 

Finn turns to Liz for help GH

Above: Finn realized too late that Elizabeth probably wasn’t in the mood for, of all things, dad jokes.

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Speaking of returns, hints have been dropping left and right that Elizabeth’s dad, Jeff, might soon pay Port Charles a visit… a prospect his daughter does not exactly seem to find delightful! “Elizabeth is shaken by a blast from the past,” warn the scribes, who add that Finn is more than happy to provide her with support… if she’ll accept it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s sister, Hayden, continues to exert a strong hold over several lives even in her absence. Nikolas works hard to prevent the truth about her shooting from coming to light, but the outcome of Alexis and Shawn’s search for answers will shake things up. 

In other news, look for Victor’s return to present new challenges for Ava and Nikolas, while Anna helps Valentin deal with the info about his paternity. Sam and Dante will have to navigate the new reality of their relationship after what went down in Greece, while her ex-husband Drew winds up dealing with an unexpected rival.

And what of Sonny and his brood? Look for the Corinthos clan to face challenges on numerous fronts. Obviously, there’s the patriarch’s lingering feelings for Nina (which, should they refuse to fade into the background, could cause major problems in his marriage), not to mention how Michael’s actions against Crimson’s publishers will impact his own relationship. But even as they’re dealing with all this, Sonny has to deal with a new threat which could put everything and everyone he loves in jeopardy! 

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