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When Sonny and Nina sleep together, Carly and Michael will have no one to blame but themselves.

General Hospital fans had better brace themselves, because unless we miss our mark — and has that ever happened? — Sonny and Nina are headed for bed. And while part of the reason is the lingering love that they feel for one another, stemming from his long stint as amnesiac Mike, an even bigger part is… Carly and Michael’s behavior toward Nelle’s mom.

Now, no two ways about it: What Nina did, in keeping from Sonny’s family the fact that he was alive, was as wrong as wrong can be. It makes sense that Carly and Michael would be pissed. Heck, even Sonny is furious; it’s not like he went out and bought a “Thanks for the break from Mob stuff” Hallmark for Nina.

Sonny is livid GH

But there’s a relentlessness to Carly’s anger toward her rival (perhaps stemming from her desire to be distracted from her reawakened feelings for Jason?). And instead of just letting things go back to normal, or as normal as they could be in the Corinthos compound, Michael went and had Nina arrested.

As a result, even if Sonny could have begun forgetting all about Nina, he isn’t able to. Rather than banish her from his mind and heart, he’s being forced to witness his family play a nasty game of pile-on with her. So his natural tendency to want to rescue the damsel in distress comes into play. And on top of that, there are those lingering feelings that “Mike” has for the woman he loves…

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Where can this all lead but to Sonny reaching out to Nina in such a way that they wind up in one another’s arms? Carly and Michael will never comprehend the roles that they played in making the tryst happen, but you’ll know. We’ll know. And we’ll facepalm at how avoidable it all was.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Aren’t Carly and Michael basically making their worst nightmare come true without even realizing it? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which celebrates Halloween with shocking shots from your favorite stars’ most spine-tingling moments.