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Karma, he’s likely to discover, takes a dim view of hypocrites.

We’re well aware that General Hospital has made a card-carrying pariah of Nina, what with her keeping from an amnesiac Sonny his true identity for the better part of a year. But did any viewer not roll their eyes and laugh when Michael — who was brought up by the career criminal who stole him from his biological father — uttered this gem to Nina on October 25: “Facts are facts, the law was broken, and justice should be served.”

Seriously, Michael? The son of Port Charles’ godfather and surrogate son of his hired gun is going to say that — to anyone — with a straight face? Apparently so.

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In fact, Michael felt beyond justified in having Nina arrested for identity theft. That, to him, demanded retribution… unlike, say, putting an underage girl on the stripper pole (as Sonny did with Karen), shooting an undercover detective in cold blood (as Sonny did with Dante) or threatening to rub a guy out unless he gave up his rights to his kid (as Sonny did with Michael’s dad, A.J.). And even if those were punishable offenses, Sonny, any of the Corinthoses would tell you, has earned his free pass. To them, he’s a cross between Michael Corleone and Mother Theresa — a mobster, yes, but a good mobster.

But by that logic, shouldn’t Nina also be cut some slack and shown some understanding? Nope. No. No way in hell, according to Team Corinthos. “Did she help your friends in Nixon Falls?” Carly asked Sonny. “Great, whatever. But she’s still responsible for what she did to you and to me and to our family, and if that’s not a crime, I don’t know what is.” 

We can probably safely say that the queenpin who took over her racketeer husband’s turf upon his “death” most definitely does not know what a crime is. And neither she nor Michael really have a super-firm grasp on the difference between righteousness and vindictiveness. As he told Jax, “What some people might call revenge, other people call justice.”

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Yeah, Michael — in this case, those other people are called hypocrites. But the person he’s likely to hurt the most by taking aim at Nina isn’t actually Nina, it’s himself. Because what he’s doing by turning a blind eye to Nina’s extenuating circumstances — not only the revelation that Nelle was her long-lost daughter but that Carly kept secret her death — is showing Willow how heartless he can be when it comes to anyone outside his family.

Can Michael forgive Sonny for putting his father six feet under? Oh, sure. And can he look the other way when it comes to the darker parts of Sonny’s “coffee-importing business”? Absolutely. But can he offer any mercy or understanding to a grieving mother like Nina — one to whom Carly showed less compassion than you might to a cigarette being stubbed out? Fughedaboudit!

What’s more, Michael is demonstrating for Willow that when push comes to shove, he acts alone, not as half of a couple. Just last week, the two of them had discussed the wisdom of not pursuing any action against Nina, lest it make a bad situation worse. Then he went and did exactly that, she noted to Sasha on October 26, “without even asking to hear my thoughts on the matter.

“He left me out,” she added. “Michael never shared what was on his mind with me. He treated Nina as a problem that only he could handle.”

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What do you think, General Hospital fans? Isn’t Michael taking such a hard line with Nina — considering what Sonny has always gotten away with — a case of the pot calling the kettle black? And do you think he will be able to convince Willow to drink the Corinthos Kool-Aid? Even if he does, will he able to convince her to shrug off the way that he behaved without any consideration for the fact that he isn’t a solo act but one of a twosome? On your way to the comments to weigh in, check out the below photo gallery, which revisits Michael’s life and times in Port Charles.