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Twenty-one years after the Daytime Emmy winner shot the short film, it’s been remastered in HD.

Everything old is new again: General Hospital leading man Maurice Benard has a new short film coming out on DVD… that actually isn’t new at all, Digital Journal reports. Though Passions — no relation to the NBC soap of the same name — has been remastered in HD, the drama was actually filmed two decades ago.

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In it, a baby-faced Benard plays a priest confronted by a gun-toting woman who appears to be as likely to make a killing as a confession. Its writer and producer is Susan Black, who co-authored the soap star’s bestselling memoir, Nothing General About It: How Love (and Lithium) Saved Me On and Off General Hospital.

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How is Benard’s son Joshua involved? He contributed new music to the remaster. (And it would have to be new, too; the 16-year-old wasn’t even born when the movie was made!)


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You can watch the trailer for the Passions below.

In other Benard news, Sonny’s portrayer posted a hilarious Instagram story over the weekend in which he was befuddled by a particular beverage at General Hospital son Chad Duell’s steampunk-inspired wedding to Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope (Sally). “Never had black water before,” he decided in the end. “[Tasted] pretty damn good.”

While you’re here, celebrate Benard’s on-screen family with the below photo gallery, which reveals how all of the Corinthoses are connected (no matter how much they may sometimes want to disconnect!).

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