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Now that Sonny, Carly and Jason are addressing the elephant in the room, it’s only a matter of time before it tramples them.

In the October 20 episode of General Hospital, Carly and Jason made their wishes clear to Sonny: They just wanted everything to go back to the way that it was, with the three of them as thick as the thieves they are. The recently hitched BFFs wanted to forget that, had Sonny not interrupted at exactly the moment that he had, their marriage would have been consummated, their old feelings for one another acted upon.

But here’s the thing: It ain’t gonna happen.

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Why? On one hand, you have Sonny, who’s only going to grow more paranoid about his muscle and his moll anytime he sees them together. And let’s be real — they’re together a lot! That’s going to put a strain on CarSon as they struggle to rebuild their life as Port Charles’ most powerful couple.

On top of that, the resurrected don is having flashes of Mike’s relationship with Nina. Unless he takes another memory-erasing tumble, he’s not likely to forget how hard he fell for her — or why. So, as things remain and grow ever more complicated with Carly, he’s going to be hella tempted to go there with Nina despite her lie that blew up his family. In a weird way, he knows he can trust her — she loves him and only him, and went to great lengths to be with him.

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At the same time, you have Carly and Jason doing their damnedest to put back in the past the desire that resurfaced between them. Trouble is, desire is like toothpaste — it isn’t going back in the tube — so it’s only a matter of time before they surrender to passion and act like the honeymooners that they never got to be.

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Ironically, that’s going to make of Britt an innocent victim — and did anyone ever think those were two words we’d be using to describe her?!? If you think about it, though, that is what The Britch is in this scenario. She opened up to Jason and started something with him that was as honest as it was promising. So if he pulls the rug out from under her again by sleeping with Carly, we’re going to be left saying two more words that we never thought we’d associate with Obrecht’s daughter: Poor Britt!

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The big question is, who will betray whom first? Will Sonny, freaked out about the prospect of Jason and Carly getting it on, turn to Nina? Or will the loss that Jason and Carly feel about the life they’d intended to begin together lead them to do something they’ll regret? Hit the comments with your best guesses, and on your way, stop off at the below photo gallery, which retells Sonny’s life story in photos.

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