The race to save Drew GH
Credit: ABC

Everything connects back to one person, Peter August.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of October 18 – 22, the race to save Drew is on. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Desperate to save Obrecht, Scott asked Britt to go to the last person she’d want to for help, Jason. However with her mother in danger, she put aside her pride, asked him, and Jason agreed to do whatever he could. This week, Spinelli has news to give Jason, Scott and Britt, both good and bad, and asks which they want to hear first? In synch, Britt and Jason want to get the bad news over with.

In Crete, Sam and Dante met up with Anna and Robert and were filled in on the latest developments regarding Drew being held in Victor’s compound, and that Peter is involved as well. Drew and Sam meet with an individual in the latest preview and Sam explains to them that Drew is her daughter’s father.

Guns draw, Dante and Sam locate and infiltrate Victor’s compound as the announcer reveals Drew’s fate hangs in the balance. When we last saw him, Drew had realized Peter had the key to triggering Faison’s mind-control and sent him on a mission that he couldn’t recall. Unfortunately for Peter, Victor figured out that he had double-crossed him and had the key all along and confronted him with armed guards.

Back in Port Charles, Jason appears to be giving Sonny and Carly the news that he’s off to help Britt find her mother, and reveals it all goes back to Peter.

Let us know if you think this could be the end for Peter, or if he’ll manage to slither away again. And tune in to find out if Drew, Obrecht, and Valentin are rescued from Victor and Peter’s clutches.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook