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It’s not that that the actress wants to bail on social media. But as we’ve all experienced, it’s a jungle out there.

Who among us hasn’t had to do the same? After posting an ultra-laid-back selfie to Instagram, Kelly Monaco explained why she sometimes vanishes from the platform for weeks, even months at a time. “I dip out on Instagram because people are rude bullies,” she said, “and feel the need to put people down.

“It’s gotten way out of control,” she added.


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It’s been that way for a while, too. As a matter of fact, it was this time last year that the General Hospital leading lady reached out in a since-deleted post to directly address all the jerks “who have hate in their heart, [enough] to comment and say such negative [bleep] on my page.

“Try… ” she continued. “I know it’s hard… but try to look into my eyes and not critique or criticize my physical appearance. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?!”

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Monaco then seemed to pause as if to allow her detractors to give it a shot. “I know… ” she wrote. “I’m sure it’s not an easy concept.”

We can all agree, though, that it’s certainly one that’s well worth embracing. On your way to the comments to lend the actress — and kindness itself — your support, stop off, why don’t you, at the below photo gallery, which tests your knowledge of her Port Charles alter ego.