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Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce… no thanks.

Each year viewers watch General Hospital with anticipation as to what mishap is going to lead to the Quartermaines ordering in pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. The holiday tradition started back in 1994 after Annabelle the dog totally destroyed the buffet-style dinner that had been laid out for the family. When the Quartermaines appeared and took in the scene, it was Ned who picked up the half-eaten turkey and asked, “Pizza anyone?”

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If this was before you started watching General Hospital, or if you’d like to relive the moment, we’ve included a 1994 video clip leading up to the comical incident that kicked off one of daytime’s most unique holiday traditions. And if you think the suggestion of pizza for Thanksgiving dinner was out of character, if you will, wait until you see what Lucy brought to the Quartermaine mansion!

Fast-forward to Thanksgiving 2020, which was filled with emotion as Lulu was fighting for her life after being caught in an explosion at The Floating Rib — the same explosion that landed her in a comatose state, to this day, in a long-term care facility in New York City. Despite the drama, the soap kept the annual tradition alive when Ned and Olivia arrived at the hospital with boxes of pizza for those who were there to support Lulu and her family.

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Have you ever had pizza on Thanksgiving? With all of the deals that come out that week you might want to give it a try — Quartermaine-style — to have more time to head out and get started on your holiday shopping. Or you can just plan a pizza night with family and friends — without ordering in — by using a fun pizza maker kit. Either way, we’ve included one in our photo gallery below filled with gifts for the General Hospital fan on your list!

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