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Any way you slice it, Alexis is one lucky lady! 

They say a kiss is just a kiss… but based on the response General Hospital‘s Nancy Lee Grahn got to a photo of alter ego Alexis making out with Maurice Benard’s Sonny, we might have to disagree! It all began simply enough, as so many things which unfold on Twitter do. The actress posted a photo of a steamy liplock between Sonny and Alexis and asked, “Mo, is this you? I think there was tongue!”

It was, indeed, Maurice, instantly reminding many fans of the days when Alexis and Sonny were hot and heavy courtesy of a storyline which ultimately resulted in her giving birth to daughter Kristina. When Benard responded to his co-star’s inquiry, he added a question of his own: “I wonder if [William deVry’s Julian] has ever been that passionate?”

Not about to let that particular cheeky remark go unchallenged, deVry chimed in by suggesting that Benard could easily answer the question for himself by heading to YouTube. Julian and Alexis vids, he said, “are all over YouTube. Just Google #Julexis love scenes.”

At that point, things took on a life of their own as fans of both pairings weighed in. Some hoped that once Alexis finished serving out her current sentence, she might reconnect with the Teflon don. (It’s worth noting, however, that Sonny has quite a bit on his plate at the moment, thanks to wife Carly and those not-completely-gone feelings “Mike” developed for Nina!)

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Others insisted that no matter how hot Sonny and Alexis had been during their heyday, it couldn’t compare to what she would later find with Julian.

One thing pretty much everyone agreed on was that Alexis had definitely had her pick of the liter when it came to eligible (and sometimes not-so-eligible) Port Charles men. After all, it’s not as if Julian and Sonny were the only guys with whom the legal eagle locked lips over the years!

With Julian off the canvas and Sonny seemingly unavailable, the topic inevitably turned to with whom Alexis should be paired next. And while some hoped she might try and steal Ned away from Olivia, others couldn’t resist the allure of seeing two daytime icons come together, suggesting that Michael E. Knight (Tad, All My Children) would be the perfect sparring partner for Grahn’s Alexis.

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Now, of course, it’s your turn to weigh in on Ms. Davis’ love life. Which guy — past, present or future — do you think should next (or again, as the case may be) turn her head? This, people, is why some very smart person invented comment sections… so use it the way it was meant to be used! Need a little help in deciding? Check out the gallery below in which we revisit some of Alexis’ past exploits, both romantic and otherwise.