GH Rundown for the week of November 30!

No Father of the Year
Sonny is quite possibly the worst father on soaps. He’s done nothing to get closer to Kristina and uses the excuse that she’s scared of him after Claudia’s party. Perhaps talking to her and humanizing himself would help. He won’t even do anything to make sure she’s safe from her boyfriend, even after Carly told him she’s worried about her. Carly was right when she told him now was not the time to bail on his daughter. Although he’s never showed up for her, so bailing isn’t exactly the right word. So Sonny, who cares if Kristina is afraid of you? You’re her dad and a mobster, take care of her abusive boyfriend, or at least talk to your daughter about it.

Then there’s Michael who is spinning out of control, but Sonny just thinks he needs time. He just killed someone and wants to quit school to become a mobster – time is not the answer. Hard core therapy is.

Young Love

I don’t know what to make of Kristina’s scenes with Ethan. He is clearly too old for her, so where are they going with this? Is it just an innocent schoolgirl crush, meant to stoke Kiefer’s rage? Their scenes are actually cute, but then I remember it’s totally inappropriate. As for the whole abuse storyline, they really need to ramp it up or bring it to a close. I feel like it’s too spread out for the message to really hit home.

Humiliation and Revelations

I’m really glad Rebecca caught Nikolas and Elizabeth together because hopefully it will lead to Lucky finding out as well, but she was so pathetic last week. How many times does Nikolas have to turn you down before you realize he’s just not that into you? If he doesn’t want you when you’re standing in front of him naked, he’s not going to want you when you return to his house fully clothed hours after he told you he doesn’t care enough about you. I understand that sometimes we only believe what we want to, but after one humiliation, I’m not sure I’d go back for a second one.