ryan paevey
Credit: Hallmark Channel

“Consider this my belated Mental Health Day post,” the actor said.

We feel ya, Ryan Paevey. All too well. On October 11, the General Hospital alum shared a video of himself fighting his way through a bit of indoor rock-climbing. “Man,” he exclaimed, “I used to be really good at this working-out thing.”

As far as we could see, Nathan’s former portrayer still is. But we don’t doubt that the struggle is real. The actor went on to share that he’d “been in a bit of a funk for a while, but [it’s] always good to have good friends and fun stuff like this drag you out of the mire, even if I feel a little guilty leaving the shop.”

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Doldrums are like that, after all. Sometimes you don’t just get out of them, you have to be coaxed, even pulled, out. “Consider this my belated Mental Health Day post,” Paevey wrote. “It’s OK to feel not OK, so find those things and those people that help keep the dark at bay.

“We’re gonna be fine,” he added.

Paevey, whose last Hallmark movie was the soaptastic A Little Daytime Drama, will next appear in Coyote Creek Christmas, in which an event planner rediscovers the magic of the season with a little help from a father/son duo. (Paevey plays the dad; Pretty Little Liars’ Janel Parrish, his leading lady.)

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