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On November 16, 1998, a soap actress added a new chapter to her life story with the birth of her little girl, Lauren.

She’s currently recognized as General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos, but back in 1998, while awaiting the birth of her first child with then-husband John Wright, Laura Wright played Cassie Layne on CBS’ Guiding Light. With a stellar career in daytime, having appeared on five different soaps, the actress began a new journey into motherhood when Lauren was born.

Although Instagram didn’t roll out until years later, let’s open a photo album documenting some of Wright’s special times with Lauren as she set out on her own journey into adulthood.

Her World Was Changed Forever

In one of the first photos of Wright as a new mom, of her firstborn, her “Princess Lala,” she expressed, “You changed my world.”

Six-Month Milestone

Fast forward a few months and Lauren was at the halfway-to-a-year mark while Wright was just 29.

Christmastime Magic

Along with her little brother, here’s a shot of Lauren with their mom as kids during Christmas, followed by a fun sibling photo, years later, taken at a Christmas tree lot.

A Super Soapy Event

Being the daughter of a soap actress sure does have it perks! Here’s a shot of Wright with her “sweet girl” attending Super Soap Weekend, a yearly ABC event that ran from 1996 to 2008, at Walt Disney World.

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A Personal Favorite

In a photo from 2010, at the Stagecoach Festival, Wright shared one of her favorite photos, though she admitted, “Not sure why,” with her girl wearing strapless dresses. And if there’s any indication from the hashtags, she realized that in the blink of an eye her little girl was growing up.

Perfect Moment

Another of her personal favorites – or should we say perfect moments — the actress snuggled up to her daughter with a smile. “This moment with my girl was just perfect.”

Flashback to the Norm

Yes, every parent knows when their kids grow up the one-on-one time with our once-babies doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. To commemorate a Women Crush Wednesday last year, Wright flash backed with Lauren to a time “when girls’ trips and hugs were a part of the norm.”

Pure Admiration

To celebrate Lauren on National Daughters Day, the proud mama shared various photos and simply stated, “Yep I just adore my girl.”

Never Far From Reach

When mom is away the two stay in touch — by “FaceTiming” of course!

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No More Teens

Leaving her teenage years behind, here are a few fun photos of Lauren to welcome her into the 20s. “Happy 20 baby girl!” Wright shouted with love.

The Big 21

In an over four-minute video, Wright gave everyone a peek inside the last 21 years of Lauren’s life to mark her big birthday milestone. The video started out with a baby crying in the background, to which she explained, “Oh and yes the baby crying is weird. I couldn’t edit it out.”


While Lauren already has a brother in 20-year-old John, in 2020, the family welcomed a new member — her fur-sister, mini goldendoodle Kimba. Wright captioned the photo perfectly, “Just us girls.”

Mother’s Day Workout

What better way to celebrate mom than with an all-out workout. Wait, isn’t Mother’s Day for pampering your mama? It sure is but the soap star and her daughter decided to keep the day going with a “mother/daughter workout,” to which Wright gave a big, “Hell yeah!”

The World Is at Her Fingertips

In May, Wright announced that Lauren had graduated from California Polytechnic State University and expressed, “I’m so, so proud of you.”

The family, including her father, as well as Wright’s boyfriend and castmate Wes Ramsey (Peter), celebrated Lauren’s amazing millstone throughout the weekend.

And back in August it was revealed that Lauren’s journey after college has taken her to Prague, where her mom plans to visit for Christmas. In fact, Wright’s co-star Finola Hughes (Anna) commented, “Wow. Taking on the world.”

Wright gave a shoutout to her “favorite daughter” and recalled, “23 years ago you changed everything! Oh I just love being your momma! I miss you like crazy and I can’t wait to come celebrate you!”

Celebrating 24

And for Lauren’s 24th, her proud mama shared a slew of photos ranging from newborn to adulthood and expressed, “Happy 24th Lauren, your adventurous spirit, love for animals and search for the perfect cup of coffee is infectious. I love being your mom!”

We wish Lauren all the best in her future endeavors!

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