Carly Knows The Truth GH
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There will be consequences faced in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of October 4 – 8, the confrontations regarding Nina’s lies continue. Read on for the scoop and the teaser video.

Dante and Sam are dressed to the nines, and it doesn’t appear to be for your normal everyday date. Dante’s breath is taken away by the sight of Sam in a dress, and the detective tells her that she looks like she’s dressed to kill. On the top of that list for Sam would of course be Peter August, who they know is involved with Drew’s disappearance.

After Sonny’s men almost beat his father to a pulp due to Trina and the others’ plan to trap him, Spencer came clean to his father that he was the stalker all along, and Esme did what he wanted. Ava returns to Wyndemere mid-confession, wanting to know what is going on. When she learns the truth, we’re guessing unlike Sonny, she won’t table her anger towards Spencer.

After being confronted by Carly, who warned her that she’d never see Wiley again, Nina now faces that possibility. Michael and Willow confront her at The Savoy where she’s talking to Curtis. Michael wants to know why Nina did what she did. Will he forbid Nina from seeing Wiley after he hears what she has to say?

And after dealing with both Nina and Jax, Carly has some things to say to her husband Sonny. She informs him that she knows why Nina kept his whereabouts a secret. But has Carly figured out the whole truth? Or does she still think it was a way for Nina to punish her? And will Sonny be the one to tell her about “Mike” and Nina’s love affair, or will she find out some other way?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook