GENERAL HOSPITAL - gallery - 6/5/19Cynthia Watros plays Nina Reeves on ABC's "General Hospital." "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday 3-4pm, ET on ABC. GH19(Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk) CYNTHIA WATROS
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“You can get… pounded by the fans!” 

Cynthia Watros knows a thing or two about playing the spoilers in a popular couple’s romance. After all, long before stepping into the role of General Hospital‘s Nina, she made Guiding Light bad girl Annie one of daytime’s most iconic villains by coming between supercouple Josh and Reva. Now, she’s facing a similar challenge thanks to the relationship that developed between Nina and Sonny during his time in Nixon Falls.

“It’s challenging,” she admitted of her current storyline to co-star Maurice Benard (Sonny) during their chat on his popular vlog State of Mind, “because it was walking up a very steep mountain with a beloved couple.” Reflecting on the similar scenario playing out on Guiding Light, she added, “I know the ramifications of that. You can get… pounded by the fans!”

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Above: During her Guiding Light stint, Watros’ Annie briefly managed to come between Springfield’s legendary lovers, Josh and Reva. Note we said “briefly.”

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In this case, the actress was glad to have Benard’s support as they tackled the tricky tale. “It was your encouraging words and love and support and us working really hard and just listening together” that ultimately made the story work… even if some viewers had a negative reaction to the pairing.

“Don’t hate me too much,” she implored fans, “but I love the storyline. Because Nina is not… fully stable in her mind. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is fully sane. If you’re out there, let me know, because I haven’t!”

Watros explained that for her, “what makes a character interesting is when you show their mental glitches. [Nina] has a mental sort of delusion, almost. I hate to call it delusion, because that seems a little bit too [extreme]. But she saw something, and this is only my opinion, but she saw something in Sonny that was Mike and maybe was always there, but she saw it.

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“Maybe,” she mused during the chat, which you can watch in its entirety below, “Sonny didn’t even know it was there. When you’re in a relationship, that brings out something new in you. And then you’re in another relationship, and that maybe brings out something ugly. It’s interesting that when Sonny was with Nina, it brought out something.”

Another aspect of the story that appeals to Watros is its complexity. “I love how it’s not neat and clear or perfect and it’s confusing. Because that’s how we are as people. It’s not all perfect. We all make mistakes. We all lie. Believe it or not, we all lie. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but it’s what you do then, after the lie. Do you take responsibility? Do you say, ‘I messed up. I’m sorry, I messed up.'”

This week, as Carly comes to realize the truth about what went down between her husband and Nina in Nixon Falls, Nina will have to face that very question. And as our latest spoilers reveal, she’ll soon wind up facing the consequences of her actions! But might the feelings “Mike” had for Nina continue to complicate things… especially where Sonny’s wife is concerned? Share your thoughts on how things should play out in the comments section, then check out this gallery in which we rank daytime’s feuding females to find out if Carly/Nina made the cut, and who wound up in the No. 1 spot!