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More than a few fans felt seen by this particular post!

Ah, parenthood. There’s nothing quite like it… right? There’s a good chance that if you think back on your own past, you’ll recall a parent at some point saying (hopefully in jest!), “I hope someday you have children just like you!”

Well, it seems that’s a sentiment that Kirsten Storms understands as evidenced by a recent posting to her Instagram page. “I never realized how sassy I was until I made a miniature version of myself,” read the meme. Noting that it had been sent to her by her own mother, Karen, General Hospital‘s Maxie admitted, “I can relate, mom. I can relate.”


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Of course, the mini-me to which she’s referring is the absolutely adorable Harper, Storms’ daughter with ex-hubby and former co-star Brandon Barash (who once played General Hospital‘s Johnny and is now Days of Our Lives’ Jake).

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the simple post received hundreds of responses… many from moms who obviously felt seen by the sentiment expressed! Among them were co-star Finola Hughes (Anna), who simply stated: “Facts.”

Before long, people from all walks of life were sharing their thoughts, and not just moms. “I often picture my folks looking down and laughing their butts off at how sarcastic my son is,” admitted dadcook321. “Even as a toddler, he was putting me through the same grief my parents suffered from me.”

Msjaded27’s musings seemed to indicate the “best” is yet to come! “My 16-year-old daughter is so much like me, it’s ridiculous,” she admitted. “She is amazing and I love her so much. She knows how to push my buttons though. She almost seems to get a kick out of driving me crazy! My mom loves it. She told me when I was a teenager that she hoped someday I would have a daughter just like me. She got her wish! I am now so sorry for the stress I put on my own mother!”

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Storms’ Instagram followers have long had the pleasure of watching Harper grow up and they, like Mom, have been amazed by just how quickly time has flown by! But as they say, pictures don’t lie, and this adorable selection of photographs that Harper’s parents have been kind enough to share over the past few years illustrate the point better than anything we write could!

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