Jason and Carly try and figure out what to tell Sonny
Credit: ABC screenshot

It’s time for the secrets to come out.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of September 27 – October 1, Sonny’s back, but there are still secrets being kept. Read on for the scoop!

Last week Nina came face to face with Sonny at his own grave. As he accused her of stealing his life from him, Nina cried that she never meant to hurt him and that she truly came to love Mike. Sonny, who still remembers how Mike felt towards Nina, ordered her to forget about Mike. In the latest preview of what’s to come, Jason meets up with Sonny in the cemetery, and Sonny tells Jason they need to get rid of his tombstone.

Joss facilitates a meeting between Maxie and Carly and explains to her mother that Maxie has something she needs to tell her. It could be a number of things, from the baby switch to the fact that Peter is alive and still out there. However, we are betting that it has something to do with Nina’s involvement with Mike in Nixon Falls, and her own visit to the town.

Others in Port Charles are also dealing with facing some truths of their own. Valentin and Anna have become very close over the past few months in searching for the truth about Peter, which has now put them on another mission to locate Drew. It appears Valentin takes advantage of some liquid courage while sharing drinks with Anna, and the two move in for a kiss.

Finally, Carly and Jason have to decide what, if anything, they tell Sonny about their marriage. While Jason asserts they did nothing wrong, how will Sonny react to knowing Jason and Carly’s old feelings were reignited over the past months? Or will they choose not to tell him? Either way, the truth always comes out!

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