maurice benard jokes about sonny and mike gh
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The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor lets the special lady in his life know exactly how much she means to him.

There’s no doubt that General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) has a way with words and today he gave a very special shoutout to his beautiful wife Paula on her birthday. Along with a photo of the ABC soap actor kissing her forehead, and Paula nestled into his arms with a smile, Benard shared, “This picture really shows our relationship when we started going out. I used to embarrass Paula and then I would kiss her on the forehead.”

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The couple married on August 11, 1990, and of their time together, he expressed, “Over 30 years later we are still going strong, and I owe most of that to her, I can’t believe what this woman can do and never stop.” Closing out his tribute with a big “happy birthday,” he professed his love “always and forever.”

Yesterday, Benard was at the center of a Facebook Live and answered fans’ burning questions. There was also talk of one thing his wife isn’t currently loving — Sonny’s new look! “She hates the beard,” Benard admitted with a laugh. “She doesn’t like kissing me with the beard because it’s hard and stuff.” Watch the full event here:

While Paula may not like Sonny’s beard, the Port Charles character doesn’t like how he’s been deceived over the past few months. And while we’re glad Sonny’s back where he belongs, his homecoming could have been so much more explosive — and here’s how.

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