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“I’ll answer as honestly as I can,” the actor promised… and boy, did he deliver!

Toward the end of a 30-minute Facebook live session in which General Hospital‘s Maurice Benard took questions from fans, he teased of upcoming storyilnes, “Expect the unexpected.” But the same could have been said of his chat, which covered a wide range of topics and including more than a few juicy tidbits!

For example, the actor teased that despite the anger we saw Sonny direct toward Nina upon finding out she’d lied to him for months, don’t expect the feelings Mike developed for her to simply fade away.

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“You can forget your memory, but you can’t forget your heart,” he mused. “[Sonny’s] gonna hide it and cover it, but he still loves Nina, right? And he loves his wife, so he’s going to protect his wife and stand by [her], but anytime he’s near Nina, stuff happens!”

Mike and Nina kiss GH

While some CarSon fans will no doubt be displeased to hear their favorite couple won’t simply reunite and enjoy their lives, the actor sees it differently. “Happily ever after? Who wants that on a soap opera? I think you want happy and then not ever after. You want happy, you want sad, you want it all. To me, happy is boring.”

Despite the fact that Mike wasn’t real, the life he lived for those months in Nixon Falls was, and they’ll continue to impact Sonny. “What I love is that anything goes now with Sonny,” says Benard. “Because you could always say, ‘That’s Mike.’ Like if he’s having feelings for Nina, that’s Mike!”

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As for how his time as Mike will impact Sonny, Benard says there are two things he plans to incorporate into Carly’s hubby. And while he wanted to keep one under wraps as a surprise for viewers, he did share his plan to “have Sonny laugh a little more. That will show that he’s not the same Sonny.”

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Steve Burton (Jason) in scenes that air the week of June 10, 2019 on ABC's "General Hospital." General Hospital airs Monday-Friday, 3-4pm, ET on ABC. GH19(Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk) MAURICE BENARD, STEVE BURTON

One thing he promises won’t change: “Jason and Sonny’s friendship can never end,” he vows. “There can be a strain, but it can never end. It’s too bonded.”

The same can not be said, however, for Benard and his Instagram co-star. “Buddy The Goat started out great when he was little,” laments Benard toward the end of the chat, which can be seen in its entirety below. “He loved me, he’d jump on me, we would hug, we did videos together. Everything was fantastic.”

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Recently, however, Buddy has made it clear that he wants to step out of the spotlight. He will, however, be making at least one more appearance… and Benard warns that it’s a doozy. “You’ll never see this in your life in the world: Buddy The Goat speaks.”

Say what?

“He’s gonna talk,” the actor confirms with a laugh. “It’s amazing.”

While we process that tease (not to mention the whole “Sonny loves Nina” thing), hit the comments with your thoughts on Sonny’s return and what you’d like to see happen next. Then check out our photo gallery in which we look at the Corinthos family tree… including a few branches Sonny might just as soon lop off!