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Fans aren’t the only ones chomping at the bit for Sonny’s return! 

It’s no secret that Maurice Benard has been enjoying Sonny’s time in Nixon Falls. While he acknowledges that some viewers are beyond ready for “Mike” to regain his memory or at least show his face in Port Charles, he’s also loved having an opportunity to play someone so different from the man he’s embodied for over 25 years.

But if the short video he posted to Instagram on September 14th is any indication, what’s coming down the pike is downright thrilling. Fresh from having finished taping, an excited Benard says, “Work was great, the scenes were fantastic and I’ve gotta tell you, what you’re going to be seeing — I can’t tell you exactly when or what or whatever — is like must-see TV. Let me say it again: must-see TV! It’s heating up!”


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Looking directly into the camera, the pumped actor adds, “I’m actually very excited for you guys to watch what’s going to happen!”

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This tease comes hot on the heels of Benard’s latest State of Mind vlog (which you can watch in its entirety below) during which he and special guest Laura Wright (Carly) warned fans that what’s coming up was “going to blow your mind.”

He added, “Once Sonny comes back, all hell’s gonna break loose.” For her part, Wright was looking forward to the scenes, with one caveat. “Poor Cynthia [Watros],” she laughed of Nina’s portrayer. “Because she’s the nicest human being on the planet, and I have a feeling [Carly’s] gonna have to yell at her a lot!”

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With Sonny’s homecoming drawing ever closer, are you as excited as the actors? Hit the comments section to tell us what you’re most looking forward to seeing play out, then check out the gallery below in which we look at some of the biggest challenges Sonnys’ ever had to overcome… all of which might pale in comparison to what he’ll soon be dealing with!