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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The Daytime Emmy winner turned 51 years old on September 11.

On September 12, Laura Wright took to Instagram with a message for her followers. “Thank you all so much for the beautiful birthday wishes!” she began. “I had a great day… ”

But, since the General Hospital leading lady shares the day that she celebrates her entrance into the world with the 9/11 attacks that took place 20 years ago, she couldn’t help but have “a heavy heart at times, given the anniversary we all were remembering… ”

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In fact, Carly’s portrayer was taken right back to the day that brutally seared itself on our souls. “Reading so many stories of where we were 20 years ago brought every detail of my experience back,” she said. “I’m sure it was the same for everyone.”

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Rather than hang a dark cloud over her day, though, Wright suggested that it gave her perspective. Reflecting on the shock and loss of two decades ago left her able to “sit here today grateful — grateful for another year, grateful for the people in my life, grateful for this amazing ride of life.”

With that, she tagged her post “Life is beautiful,” “Never forget,” “This is 51, baby” and added the name of the photographer who took the stunning image that accompanies it. In honor of the way that Wright doesn’t hide from but inspiringly owns her age, check out the below photo gallery, a rundown of other stars who prove that getting older can also mean getting even more fabulous.