Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright at Gh Fanclub event
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

What better present could anyone ask for? 

Every guy out there might want to take note of the beautiful message General Hospital‘s Wes Ramsey sent to birthday girlfriend Laura Wright on September 11, because it might just be the standard by which all future birthday missives are measured.

Seriously. It’s that swoon-worthy.

“You are my sunshine seeker with your halo of gold,” began Ramsey, his words accompanied by a picture of Wright cuddling their puppy Kimba, the sun providing the kind of backlighting which the world’s best photographers would have a tough time matching. “Filling hearts, inspiring minds, your spirit lifts light itself and in the sun shining rays of your warmth, heals all around you. On this day of reflection and passage of time, I give thanks for your light.”


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That much alone would be enough to cause anyone’s heart to beat faster. But Ramsey wasn’t yet done.

“So thank you for holding my hand while I bask in your glow,” he continued. “Thank you for teaching me the depths of what you know. Thank you for being my partner and laughing at our silly things. Thank you for being my girl and believing in magic with me.”

We probably don’t even need to tell you that he concluded with, “I love you Laura” and one final “Happy birthday, baby.”

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