James Franco is interviewed on his roles as Franco, on GH.

Updated January 21, 2010: James Franco turned to New York Magazine once again to further discuss his decision to appear on “GH.”

In his latest explanation, James said the idea of doing a soap came to him while filming his second movie with the artist Carter called “Maladies.” In it, James plays a former soap star, but doing “GH.” wasn’t research as he said, “Now, just because I’m playing a character who was formerly on a soap opera doesn’t mean I had to go on a soap opera, right? So going on “General Hospital” isn’t directly related to Maladies. But we got to talking, like, ‘Hey, what if I really did a soap opera? That would be kind of amazing!'”

He further detailed his initial meeting with “GH.” as he recalled, “I said, ‘I want to play an artist, and I want him to be crazy.’ And they wrote this character that was better than I could have ever asked for. It was their idea to call the character Franco. I said, ‘That’s crazy. Thank you.'”

After experiencing the grueling pace of Daytime, he used the skills utilized to land a role in the Danny Boyle movie, “127 Hours.” When he was asked to memorize an audition speech on short notice he had no problem. “Because I had just done “General Hospital,” where I was doing 77 pages a day, I can memorize like that,” he said snapping his fingers. “I have to give credit to “General Hospital” for being able to memorize like that, and I got the part!”

Updated January 5, 2010:

According to an online report by New York Magazine, James Franco is planning his post-“GH” art exhibit for the spring.

His gallery show will be held at New York’s Deitch Projects and will be shot for a ‘special episode’ of “GH,” which he will co-direct. As he explained, the exhibit will relate to what he’s already done on the soap.

Per the gallery, nothing has been finalized as of yet.

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Photo credit: ABC